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Here are a few of our most popular Hobart mixers. They are shown here with a photo and a few specs. To view the full, printable spec. sheet, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions about these particular pieces or any other Hobart product you may be interested it.
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h600.JPG (19176 bytes)H-600 Mixer

This popular 60 Quart Mixer can be purchased with a motor driven or hand operated bowl lift; a choice of deluxe finish or scratch resistant metallic gray polyurethane enamel. Like all Hobart built machines, the H-600 Mixer is built to take it.

The standard 2 H.P. motor is powerfully built.

Hardened alloy steel helical gears stand up to years of demanding duty. Direct-drive transmission ensures smooth performance and minimum downtime.

The H-600 is equipped with a #12 Attachment Hub which makes it one of the most versatile kitchen machines ever when used to operate a Dicer, 9" Vegetable Slicer, Meat Chopper or other Hobart Attachments. This 60 Quart mixer works equally well in a kitchen, a pizza operation or a full service retail bake shop.

The standard 15-minute timer automatically shuts off the mixer in any speed after time has elapsed. "Non-timed" operation is obtained by setting timer on HOLD position.

Click here for a specification, details and dimensions sheet. (requires Acrobat Reader)

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h660.JPG (23038 bytes)P-660 Pizza Mixer

The Hobart Pizza Mixer is built specifically for pizza operations and designed to handle the heavy loads you need to keep up with your biggest days. This big 60-Quart mixer is rugged, and it's geared for pizza dough. It's the large one, with everything to.

Deep dish capacity handles big batches with ease...

Those big batches are easy work for the Hobart Pizza Mixer. Now, you can really boost your production with a mixer that's specifically designed to keep up with your busiest, most profitable hours. Those really big batches are made easy, thanks to our big 2˝ H.P. that puts out 50% more torque at the beater shaft than other 60-Quart mixers.

Productive attachments let you slice it, chop it and grate it. You can prepare your topping ingredients with the Hobart dicer, slicer and chopper attachments -- ideal for cheese, pepperoni and green peppers.

Click here for a specification, details and dimensions sheet. (requires Acrobat Reader)

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L800.jpg (25929 bytes)L-800 Mixer

This mixer is available with an electrically operated bowl lift as an optional feature. Just one of the many Hobart-built features that make this machine an excel-lent long term investment.

Anyone who has worked with the L-800 knows that it is built for all types of food processing, easy to handle, easy to clean and does the mixing job you have a right to expect.

The L-800 features: timed mixing control, four positive speeds, sanitary base and a No. 12 attachment hub. Many optional extras are available along with a full line of accessories and attachments.

Hobart planetary action achieves precise, uniform mixing action resulting in thorough blending, mixing and aerating of all ingredients in the bowl.

Click here for a specification, details and dimensions sheet. (requires Acrobat Reader)

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M802.jpg (23337 bytes)M-802 Mixer

The M-802 mixer brings high standards of reliability and efficiency to any bakery, institution, hotel or restaurant kitchen.

The M-802 is powered by a three H.P. motor designed and built by Hobart. Heavy duty FLEXAGEARŽ positive-drive transmission provides high operating efficiency and quietness. The mixer is compact to conserve valuable floor space, clean in appearance, and entire unit is completely enclosed and sealed. It has rocker-type switches with finger tip control. Lever controlled power lift, driven by main motor, raises or lowers bowl to any desired position.

There’s more: planetary mixing action, four positive mixing speeds, timed mixing control, multiple disc clutch for smooth, positive action, interchangeability of bowls from 30 to 80-quart capacity, bowls of sanitary, open rim design, and a bowl light.

The M-802-U (at extra cost) has a burnished aluminum transmission case and chromium plated top cover, and planetary assembly which meets USDA requirements.

The optional greater height pedestal (14" taller than standard) is another operational advancement from Hobart. It permits removing the bowl without removing the agitator. Simply release the clamps, lower the bowl to the truck and trundle it away.

This tall column mixer brings real work-saving convenience when needed most and shortens bowl changing time.

Click here for a specification, details and dimensions sheet. (requires Acrobat Reader)